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How To Protect Your Homes From Pests?

How To Protect Your Homes From Pests?

Since ages we are listening a popular saying, Prevention is better than cure.” Pests are one of the most commonly existing creatures that can destroy even the strongest structures. The presence of pests cannot be ignored but the premises can be protected from pests if timely action is taken. Precautions and prevention is very important. This strategy keeps away the pests of all kinds and the buildings can remain safe. It is very important to keep the homes protected from the pests. This is a must for the health and safety of your loved ones. The easy ways to keep away the pests from your homes is as follows:

  • Generally we think that just sweeping or mopping or above all vacuum cleaning is enough to get the home perfectly clean. They are essential but a thorough regular cleaning under the carpets, inside the closets etc is a very important thing. It removes many of those things that are usually not visible or stay ignored. It allows cleaning the interiors so well that the tit bits that are likely to attract the pests would vanish.
  • Don’t let the bed sheets, carpets, and cushions; stay unchanged for a long time. Give them a thorough wash. It is possible to get the washing detergents that are specifically meant for these accessories. The bed bugs and fleas can easily invade the unclean areas of the rooms.
  • Never leave any eatables uncovered. Decide about the storage areas. Ants and cockroaches are always ready to invade the food units. In case some food item starts getting rotting, remove it immediately. Don’t let the garbage heap up. Remove it as soon as possible to keep away the mosquitoes and flies.
  • The kitchen becomes the victim of pests and insects very easily. Besides removing the garbage, covering the food, it is equally essential to clean the utensils. There is no need to heap up the utensils until next meal. It is better to wash them just after the usage. This not just saves the time but also reduces the work load and keeps away the tiny pests that are attracted by the aroma and the particles of the left over.
  • The solution to the pests rests with the botanical world too. There are number of plants that are recommended by the pest specialists. They keep all kinds of pests away when used. The popular ones include neem, mint, tulsi, marigold, eucalyptus, citronella gold and lavender. Besides the plants in green, their extracts can be used to spray around the home.
  • Close all possible cracks and holes in the walls, and doors. These holes allow the mice and rats to enter into the homes. Regular checking of the premises is important in keeping away all such invaders. Visit BPI Gold Coast company to find out more details.